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What Affects Insurance Rates?

Your premium is calculated based on a variety of different factors, including the location where your vehicles are garaged, your age, gender and marital status, and of course your driving record. For most insurance companies, the number of tickets, accidents and driving points on your driving record is the single most important factor in determining how much you pay for your Illinois auto insurance policy. Just one Illinois speeding ticket can drastically increase your premium at the next renewal.

However, each company’s rating system is a little bit different, and different companies put more weight on some factors than others. Many insurance companies in Illinois also consider your credit history as part of their rating system. You may be wondering "Wait a minute; what does my credit score have to do with my driving ability?" The answer: Insurance companies have statistics that show that people with better credit get into fewer accidents. They assert that people that have demonstrated financial responsibility also show responsibility in other aspects of life, such as driving. According to the 2001 Use of Credit Survey performed by the Illinois Division of Insurance, 87% of active, preferred or standard risk Illinois auto insurance companies use credit history as a rating factor.

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