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Course Content and Requirements

The curriculum for Illinois defensive driving classes is approved by the state. There are two basic courses available: a four-hour course and an eight-hour course. Usually, if it's your first offense you'll just take the 4-hour course. If it's your second offense in a year, you will have to take the 8-hour course to get the ticket resolved. Defensive driving courses usually cover the following topics:

  • The importance of wearing seat belts
  • Defensive driving techniques to help you avoid collisions
  • Safe driving behaviors vs. unsafe driving behaviors 
  • How to drive safely even in adverse weather and traffic conditions
  • The psychology of driving: how our feelings and emotions can influence our driving habits and make us less safe.
  • Impaired driving and why it is dangerous.
  • The importance of avoiding aggressive driving and road rage 

Obviously, the 8-hour courses will have more time to cover all of these topics in more depth than the 4 hour courses.

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