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How Defensive Driving affects your Driving Record

With so much riding on your Illinois driving record, it makes sense to try to protect it. If you keep your driving record clean, you will be in much better shape. If you do get a traffic ticket, you can request to pay the fine and take traffic school in order to keep the conviction off of your record. If you choose this option and keep your commitment to the court to take traffic school by the date they designate, you will not have a ticket or any points show up on your driving record as a result. Also, you may qualify for an insurance discount for completing a defensive driving course.

If you do need to take defensive driving to protect your driving record, ask the court if you can take an online course from Driving University instead of going in to a classroom. You'll be able to complete the course at your own pace, in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Although defensive driving can be a terribly dry subject, Driving University's course is written to be easy to read and understand. It keeps your attention, but it still gives you the information you need to know to become a better driver. After you pass the multiple-choice test at the end, we'll send your certificate of completion out right away. Click here to learn more about Driving University and to sign up for the course!

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