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What Information is Contained in your Driving Record?

An Illinois driving record contains information about your license status and your driving history. Your license status is simply whether or not you have a valid driver's license in Illinois. If you do, your license status will show as "Active." If you don't, your driver's license status will show as suspended or revoked, depending on the circumstances. Your driving record also shows information about your driving history, such as accidents or violations. These can come back to haunt you even years later. For example, moving violations and accidents remain on your Illinois driving record for 4-5 years from the date you were convicted. However, if the accident or violation caused you to lose your driver's license, it will show up for a full seven years from the time you get your driving privileges restored. If you get convicted of a DUI or a drug offense, it will show up on your Illinois driving record forever.  

Violations you commit out-of-state will also show up on your Illinois driving record. They are treated exactly like violations you commit in Illinois.

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