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When should You Request a Copy of your Driving Record?

Your Illinois driving record is an extremely important document. The information that shows up on your driving record can influence your insurance rates, affect your current or future employment, and even determine whether or not you get to maintain your driving privileges! Also, Illinois driving records are public records. Anyone can order a copy of yours, and although they would not be able to get personal information such as your home address, they can still see your driving history, including any accidents or violations. For these reasons, it's important to check your driving record periodically to make sure all the information on it is correct. Remember, the Illinois Secretary of State's office can make mistakes, too. However, if you are considering applying for a new job or new insurance, it's imperative that you see what's on your driving record before you do. After all, the more you know, the better you'll be able to prepare yourself.

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