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DWI Costs

In addition to saddling you with a permanent criminal record, an Illinois DUI conviction is expensive! According to the Illinois Secretary of State, a first-time DUI conviction can easily cost $14,660 when you include all of the fines, lost income, increased insurance and fees for substance abuse classes. That's not including the costs of an auto accident. When you consider the cost of medical care and compensatory damages if your drunken driving causes a wreck, the cost of an Illinois DUI that results in an accident can easily soar over $100,000. Do you have a hundred grand to put on the table?


Defensive driving/traffic school

Illinois law does not allow you to clear an Illinois DUI charge by taking a defensive driving class. However, if you are fortunate enough to be offered a court supervision for a first-time DUI offense, defensive driving may be required by the judge. Also, younger offenders under the age of 21 may be required to take an 8-hour defensive driving course to get their licenses back. If you are required to take traffic school, ask the court if Driving University's online course will satisfy the requirements. Our online traffic school is written to be both interesting and informative, so you learn everything you need to know without being bored to tears or falling asleep. Even better, you can complete our defensive driving class on your own home computer, without even having to leave your house. To learn more about our course or to sign up, click here!

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