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DWI Statistics

Unfortunately, every year hundreds of Illinois drivers find out about the dangers of drinking and driving the hard way. For example, according to the Illinois Secretary of State's office, in 2004 604 people died in alcohol-related crashes in Illinois. In fact, 44% of all fatal crashes in Illinois that year were caused by drunken driving. That's 604 people who left behind friends, families and loved ones, and they might still be here today if only someone had decided to take a cab or use a designated driver. 50, 147 drivers were arrested for DUI in 2004, as well. The majority of these drivers were lucky, because they were taken off the street before they could hurt anybody.

The next time you think about driving away from a party when you just have "a little buzz," imagine how you would feel if you caused an accident that left another person seriously injured or dead. Is it worth it? If you are smart, you'll conclude that it isn't.

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