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Implied Consent

Illinois has an implied consent law, which means that the act of getting behind the wheel of a car indicates that you have consented to take a chemical test if a police officer believes you are under the influence. If you decide to refuse a chemical test, the police will not force you to take one. However, you will face stiff penalties for not doing so. For example, on the first offense, your driver's license will be suspended for 6 months. On a second offense, your license will be suspended for 3 years. You may be eligible for a restricted license called a Judicial Driving Permit during this time. To get your driving privileges restored, you will be required to pay restoration fees to the Secretary of State's office. If it's your first suspension, the restoration fee is $250. After the first offense, if you are convicted again you'll have to pay $500 to get your license back.

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