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What To Do If You Ran a Red Light

The fines for running a red light vary, depending on whether you received the ticket from a police officer or from an Illinois intersection camera. If you received the ticket from a police officer, it is treated as a moving violation. You will need to pay a fine of $75.00. Paying the fine is an admission of guilt, and the violation will add 20 points to your driving record. If you are eligible to attend an Illinois defensive driving school, you'll pay $115.00, but the violation will not be recorded on your driving record and won't raise your insurance rates.

What if you got caught on camera? Since you were not ticketed by a police officer and there is no way to prove who was driving the car, a red light camera violation is a civil offense. You'll pay a fine of $100, but the violation won't go on your driving record, count against your license or increase your insurance rates. Count your blessings, and be more careful next time!

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