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Illinois Secretary of State's office

Every state has a specific department that handles issues related to driving, such as licensing drivers and registering vehicles. Without this regulation and oversight, the nation's roads would be in chaos. In many states, these functions are handled by the Department of Motor Vehicles or the Motor Vehicle Commission, but in Illinois, they are handled by the Secretary of State's office.

The Secretary of State is an elected position, currently filled by Jesse White. This office is one of the most multifaceted state agencies around, handling everything from driver's licenses and vehicle registration to the Illinois state library system. How did this one department end up with so many different responsibilities? Read on for an overview of how these different departments sprang up under the same umbrella.


Illinois Secretary of State History 

The history of the Illinois Secretary of State's office begins in 1818, when Illinois entered the United States as the 21st state in the Union. The Secretary of State originated as the keeper of state records, laws, and the Great Seal of Illinois. The Illinois Secretary of State's current responsibility for supervising the state library system grew out of this original record-keeping role. The Secretary of State is still the Keeper of the Great Seal of Illinois. An interesting historical fact about this job duty is that an early Illinois Secretary of State, Sharon Tyndale, actually had the seal modified. Read more...


Illinois Secretary of State's Office Locations 

Find a Secretary of State's Office in your area. Read more...


Illinois Drivers License Guide

As you can see, the Illinois Secretary of State's office performs many services to the public. In fact, the Secretary of State's office interacts with more Illinois residents than any other state agency. The most commonly utilized services are getting a driver's license and registering a vehicle. Here is a quick primer on how to do both. Read more...

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