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Speeding Ticket Fines

The fines for an Illinois speeding ticket depend on 2 factors: how fast you were going, and where you were when you got caught. If you were just on a normal road without any special circumstances, your fine should be $75 if you were going 1-20 miles per hour over the legal limit. However, if you were going 21-30 miles per hour above the legal limit, your fine amount would increase to $95. If you were speeding in a school zone, of course, the fine is even higher. How does $150 sound to you? If that sounds high, you'll want to be especially careful in a work zone. It's important to slow down to the required speed to help protect construction workers. If you do not slow down, the state of Illinois can hit you with a $375 fine on the first offense. Yikes! If that doesn't help you learn your lesson, expect a $1000.00 fine the next time you're caught speeding through a construction zone. Keep it up, and you’ll lose your license.

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